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Farm Spotlight

New England Bamboo Co. Inc.

5 Granite Street
Rockport, MA 01966
(978) 546-3581

Area Served

1231 farms stewarding over 61,727 acres of land

Average size of farm

50 acres

Market value of Ag products sold


Crop Sales (80%)


Livestock Sales (20%)


Average market value per farm


Total farm production expenses


Average farm production expenses


Net cash farm income of operation


Average net cash farm income of operation


Average age of principal operator

56.5 years

The number of farms has increased by 26% since the last agricultural census. Of those farms, the average size of farms has decreased by 20%. Of the 1231 principal farmers, 947 of those workers worked on farms 200 days or more. The market value of production has increased by 13%. Essex and Middlesex counties rank in the top 1/3 of the state's market value of agricultural products sold.